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Our Company

We believe that relationships build business so we ensure the structure of our corporate culture resonates this ideology.


Leaderstar Solutions was founded in 2003 to take advantage of the growing need for outsourced expertise in corporate development. We collectively have over 50 years of experience in the mining, finance, shipping, import/export, oil and gas industries. Our experience gives us the tools to to assist corporations operating in today’s global business environment and the uncertainty of today’s economic climate.


We are

A boutique company focusing on the specific goals associated with each client. Our operational plan is to provide our services to a select groups of companies and individuals. Our clients benefit from our operational plan because it amplifies our acute focus on each project.

Our personnel

With a vibrant history of success will continue to provide that for each of our clients. The global environment has seen all of the developed economies stagnate in relation to GDP, our primary business focus over the years has always been in the emerging markets which has provided healthy returns for our clients and their business ventures. Given our history in the developing markets and our companies dedication to continuing our corporate vision we are poised for expansion and development.